Heart Wall Decals for Nurseries

We all love to love, especially when it comes to those little pieces of heaven blessed upon us (some people call them babies). Today we are talking heart wall decals for nurseries. Our heart wall decals come in several sizes and in 60+ colors. They can be placed in direction and in any pattern on any smooth flat surface.

Heart Wall Decals by Polka Dot wall Stickers

Heart Wall Decals in Nurseries Boys and Girls

Heart Wall Decals in a nursery

This nursery was a shared project on Project Nursery by Miranda and we are huge fan! Simple, clean, and fun! We are using this photo to show how a few of our heart wall decals can add a little love to the project.

White Heart Wall Decals above a changing table.

Its pretty common to see our heart wall decals used on an entire wall or project, but they don’ have to be. In the photo above we show how you can add a little extra by using our wall decals in a specific space and still keep the clean look.


Now lets get into some color! This project as submitted to by ERICALANDES on Project Nursery that features neutral colored walls but tons of accent colors.

Confetti heart wall decals

Right now people seem to really be into confetti wall decals or what we call pattern packs, so in this photo we added a few multi-color small heart wall decals around the Dr.Seuss wall decal.  The hearts really bring more attention to the quote. The great thing about our wall decals is that we offer them in several sizes and quantities so you could add more use less in the same project. Erica’s nursery is already really fun and has a lot of personality so our decals were just a small cherry on top!

You can shop our heart wall decals here or contact us here to get your custom order started.

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