Polka Dot Wall Decals for a Baby Boy’s Nursery

Blues, grays, and white! That’s right we are talking baby boy’s nurseries and how our polka dots and pattern packs can help add a little AWESOME to their cribs (pun intended).

Today we are going to use a nursery submitted to ProjectNursery.com by Jackie May. See the entire project here.


Recommend Vinyl Colors from Polka Dot Dot Wall Stickers

vinyl colors

Colors from left to right: Dark Blue, Powder Blue, White, Storm Gray, Warm Gray, Light Gray (Bonus Color: Silver)

Our Polka Dot Wall Decals would be a great way to add a little extra to the left side of the wall right above the headboard.  A super fun and easy pattern that is really in right now is a “falling” polka dot pattern usually coming from a corner and spreads as the design gets lower.

Dark Blue Polka Dot Wall Decals

Dark gray polka dot wall decals

Jackie May did such a great job with you little boy’s nursery so we can’t say that our polka dots made this project, but we do think that our polka dots and pattern packs are great way to add the cherry on top.

The falling polka dot design is just one of so many possible patterns that you can put together using our polka dots wall decals.

We offer 60+ colors and sizes ranging from half inch up to 22 inches in diameter.


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