Window Collision Decals

Have you every been frightened by a sudden wrecking sound coming from your window only to find out that it was a bird? Believe it or not, birds collide with building windows more often than you may think and often times the collisions are fatal. One way to reduce the bird collisions is to apply window decals (stickers).  These decals can be small or large and can be made to match your decor or style.

Window Collision Decals for Other Animals and… Some Humans. 🙂

Window Distraction Decals | Peel and Stick

As you may know glass walls or corridors can be dangerous for other animals and humans alike. In some states window collision or distractions are required for everyday safety, but the laws do not require in specific style.

At Polka Dot Wall Stickers we offer an array of easy to use vinyl decals that can be used as window collision decals as they are the same color on both sides and hold up well on glass and windows.

Window Collision Decal Features

  • 1″ to 22″
  • 60+ Colors including etched glass
  • Easy to use, just peel and stick!
  • Wide range of styles and shapes available
  • Custom designs available
  • Bulk discounts
  • USPS and FedEx Shipping

If you want to shop our window collision decals click here to see our shapes and colors.

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